Finally! New work in progress!!

I am about to become a Nana again!

My daughter is having another little boy in June, so if you quilt, you know what that means. Yep, time to make a baby quilt!!

Of course if you know me, you've probably guessed that this won't be a pastel colored, traditional type of baby

I can't reveal any of the actual quilt yet, since my daughter reads my blog and this is going to be a surprise...well not the quilt part, she knows I am making one, but the design part.

I don't think she'll be able to tell much if I post the FABRICS I am using though :-)

So here they are..
These are the fabrics I used for Block A..except for the purple, I decided to use something else instead.

And these are the fabrics for Block B..the one beneath the dotted one may not be used..I'll decide when it all is cut out..
Doesn't it look like a wonderful, bright, happy quilt is in the works? I hope she loves it! Now I best get to work on it, time is rushing by and I hope to have it done by her due date.

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