Bursting through the "block" at last!!

Not counting the quilt for the new baby, for the past four years I have been unable to do anything with fabric.

A lot of that had to do with my mother passing away in January 2010. I had been trying to get her up here to be close to us for her last days but her health went bad so fast that from one week to the next it was safe for her to be moved and then it wasn't. She never did get to meet her great grandson or spend her last days with her family.

 That alone drove all creative thoughts from my mind and heart for many months and then, within months of each other, three very dear friends passed away the same year.

 After that, well let's just say that things got dark and gloomy for a long long time. But,  recently the urges to play with thread and fabric have been getting stronger and with the work I've been doing on the new baby quilt (I wish they would choose a name already, so I can stop saying "the new baby"!)I decided to see if the mental block was ready to be broken through.

 I thought the answer was no, because the same thing was happening, I would start pulling fabrics for something..or trying to..only to hit the same wall of indecision and end up putting everything away.

 But yesterday, at long last, SUCCESS!!

 I had the sketch:

I pulled these fabrics:

And here is the finished piece ...well it needs quilting, so not totally finished yet.
"Acceptance" 25"x33" fusible applique 
 Represents a simple but true message:
 "Don't try and copy what others wear or how they act. That often leads to a dark hole of depression. Be yourself and soon they will begin to accept you for the wonderful, unique individual that you are."

 While going through my sketchbooks I discovered a lot of drawings with these shapes,,so I decided to do a series with them, this is the first one.

I am so happy that I am able to do the thing that soothes my soul the most again and look forward to making up for lost time!

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