Illustrated Haiku

Something I have recently begun to love doing is to write my own Haiku and then either make a piece of art or take a photo to go along with them. As you'll notice I use different methods for creating the illustrations. Sometimes I start by writing the Haiku, which inspires the art, other times a piece of art or a photo will inspire the poem. 

When I have enough made, I'm thinking of either making a calender from them or a book.

This form of Haiku is actually called HAIGA ,although I am not totally sure it would apply to my work because I don't paint the illustrations according to the traditional ways.

Frost on the windows
brought by fairies in the night
a wondrous sight

"Winter's Harbinger"
Bony fingers claw
cotton tufts in cobalt skies
winter's harbinger

Make a wish and blow
hopes and dreams float on breezes
when dandelions fly

As Mother exhales
each breath casts seeds whirling round
gifting us with trees

Luminous teardrops
weeping from a Mother's eyes
soothes her arid skin

In mute solitude
veiled by swirling morning mists
patient flamingo

Bright fields of flowers
a banquet for those who seek
nectar hidden deep

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