Resuming work on a forgotten project

Tonight my son asked me if I ever thought about making a quilt by hand, which reminded me that back in 2008 I saw a pattern in McCall's Quilting that I loved so much I ended up buying the pattern book in case I missed any of the issues that the blocks were in. The pattern was Grandma's Country Album by Robert Callaham...and I paid a LOT less for it than the price it's listed for on Amazon!

Despite my love of fusible applique, I decided to do this quilt all by hand, applique, piecing, quilting, the whole hand. What was I thinking, right? LOL

So, first I started gathering fabrics..I loved the colors used in the original and wanted to stick as close as possible to it. When I had what I wanted, the fun began. I started off easy with this one, The Classic Basket.
Considering that this was my very first needle turned applique project I think I did a pretty good job, don't you? More surprisingly, I really enjoyed doing it too!

After warming up with the easy block I got adventurous and hand pieced this Margrit's Star, which was a bit more of a challenge. And it isn't perfect, but looking at it today, I am still pleased with how it turned out...even if it is missing some points.

As I pulled these two blocks out to show him, along with the half finished Tree of Life, another applique block, I decided that it was time to get back to work on this. Surely I can do at least a block a month, hopefully more though because I would like to finish this before I get too old to do the hand work , and with 13 more blocks, all those little squares, the borders and then the hand quilting....well, let's say this isn't going to be a quick project!

So watch this space, by the end of May I hope to be posting the completed Tree of Life block..that is if I can squeeze it in between the baby quilt and the pirate skull quilt and the yard work, cleaning out the cellar, and let's not forget the countless times I will feel compelled to rearrange every piece of furniture in the apartment before so on and so on .

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