Hunting for the perfect fabrics.......sigh

I had just started working on my soft sculpture piece this morning when it hit me.

I'm sure that all of you who quilt or work with fabric are familiar with the feeling. You have your fabrics ready and are beginning to measure. As you lay them out the thought begins to worm it's way into your mind that perhaps switching that batik for a bright solid pop of yellow fabric would be better. And if you do that, wouldn't it look so great if you also used that purple with lime green dots....and you're off.

As am I, to the bins of fabrics in the basement where I keep my stash. To get all NEW fabrics for the project that I was CERTAIN I had chosen fabrics for yesterday!

So far I have gathered and rejected 4 different fabric choices. Prints didn't work like I thought they would, solids seemed too boring, even though I chose bright colors, and a mix of prints and solids didn't look right. Even batiks which almost never let me down just didn't speak to me for this project.

I have wasted almost my entire day looking for things to make art with. NOW I am beginning to remember why I stopped working with fabrics! Even though all of it is pretty well organized in the bins it is still time consuming going through it all, especially when nothing seems to work.

However, I think I may have finally decided on what I will be using. Three fabrics. Lace, canvas, and homespun.

Are you intrigued?

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