In a Halloween frame of mind

I started working on this little doll Friday. The head went just the way I wanted it to and was finished faster than I thought it would be. The thread is there to show scale and to give you an even better idea, the head is about as big as a quarter, only a little thicker.

Assembling the body was a snap also. I went with what I had handy and used pipe cleaners as the frame since I wanted it to be poseable and then added two layers of felt over that

I thought I'd be done the same day. Little did I suspect that my creation had a mind of her own! I ended up putting her away Friday night after nothing I had wanted to do would work out. My grandson came over Saturday to spend the night so she sat until Sunday when I gave it another go.

Again, she balked and refused to wear what I wanted her to.

Today, I decided to stop trying to force my will on her and listen to what she had to say. Once I had done that, the work seemed to flow effortlessly.

This is the progress from today, well except for her lace stockings, I did those Sunday and I guess she loves them cause they made the

I know she looks a bit strange with no head and spools of thread for feet :-) I have the shoe issue under control, but as for the head..well the original just isn't going to go with the new outfit, so I'll be giving her a make over tomorrow.

Then the fun part of making her *setting*! This is my first attempt at something like this in a long long time and I'm enjoying the process a lot, so you can expect to see more of this type of work from me.

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  1. Anonymous16/10/12

    Cathy I can't find your email. You won a painting on my blog! :) Can you email me your address so I can get it off to you? You can email me here Thank you!