new project in the works

I belong to a challenge group called Fast Friday Fabric Challenge, which I think I've mentioned before. Each month on the last Friday a challenge is issued and we have until the following Saturday to complete a piece, although this isn't written in stone and you can submit yours late if you have to.

This month's guest hostess is Janice Paine Dawes and the challenge she presented us with is to use curvilinear perspective to create an art quilt by your favorite technique.

As often happens when the challenges are posted I am pretty much clueless on this But I just look at things online until it begins to sink in. Occasionally it never does, but I just do what feels right.

This time is one of the "I'm not sure" challenges, but I have come up with an idea which I may or may not use.

Basically I took a photo of some M&M's and then manipulated it in my photo editing program to come up with what I am hoping to recreate and use for my quilt.

Here is the original photo and the 2 manipulated ones:

While I'm not sure if this fits the challenge theme, I really like both of the new versions of M&M's but have pretty much decided to attempt the last one. I say attempt because I'm not sure if I can do it! I'm envisioning it much bigger than my usual 8x10" or even 16x20" size, in fact I'm thinking at least 32x40" if not bigger. Wouldn't that make a fabulous piece of wall art?

So wish me luck and I'll let you know how it turns out, although I certainly don't expect it to be anywhere close to being done by next Saturday!


  1. Good luck! Sounds really exciting! I will watch your progress

  2. The second one looks easier and certainly is curvy. I can see using black tulle in areas to get some of the shading. Hope you perserve with it-I haven't even started the thinking stage!

    Nancy Schlegel

  3. Cathy,
    I love both of the pictures you created and look forward to seeing the fabric outcome. Wonderful work.

  4. I think you are the right track. I do not have photo shop, so I am amazed at what you did with the photo. Yes, I do think big would be better. It also might be easier than working with itsy bitsy pieces. BEST OF LUCK CREATING!

  5. Anonymous27/2/11

    Oh, cathy.. I will be eagerly watching to see this completed..
    It will be grat!