Naïve Art

I believe I may have finally found the style of art that my paintings MIGHT belong to..Naïve Art.

Naïve art is a classification of art that is often characterized by a childlike simplicity in its subject matter and technique.

I found the artist below and love her work, especially the 3 girls in the rain shown below. Of course my work is not even close to hers or any of the others I have found...yet  Katerina Mertikas

Another one I like can be found here Marie Jonsson-Harrison

This piece of hers made me laugh out loud, it is so funny and another one I'd love to own!
It's title is appropriately enough, "Expose Yourself to Art"

I also stumbled across this artist..Awang Fadilah...and I simply LOVE his art and just may have to buy one! Here is one of his paintings. You can find more of his work, which is for sale, on his Facebook page.

I could go on and on sharing artists and images that I love, but I think I'll let you do some exploring of this wonderful art form on your own so you can discover your own favorites.


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