August's Fast Friday Fabric Challenge Theme is....

It has been awhile since I have been active in this challenge group, so for those who may not know about it, it is a yahoo group of fabric artists. A member hosts a new challenge that is posted on the last Friday of every month. The members have a week to meet the challenge (although many can't and are late but that's ok too!) Some months there are many many entries, some months hardly any as all of us have other things that often get in the way.
The blog is open to all who wish to view it, although you can't leave comments unless you are a member 

Anyone who would like to take a look can find us here at the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge Blog.
If you do visit, pick a day when you have a lot of time and scroll through the challenges, this month's is #84...and we do 12 a year..that's a LOT of art to look at, so enjoy!!

And now, on to this month's challenge...
What Goes Around Comes Around
Theme:  Exploring the Circle
Design Element: Circles and arcs.  The circles can be part of the fabric patterns, actual full circles, and/or the quilting pattern.  Let them overlap as much as you want, or make concentric circles or offset concentric circles.  You can distort them or use ovals, particularly where perspective might show circles from the side.
Style: Aim for a pictorial or symbolic quilt rather than just a repetitive pattern containing circles as in traditional quilts.  Mandala patterns are acceptable, but try to get away from the traditional. 

This is right up my alley! I already know what I am making and with any luck I can start pulling fabrics for it today after Myles goes with his Dad...and if Josh co-operates. If not, I can at least get it drawn out and start cutting the patterns.

I have missed making my pictorial quilts so much and didn't even realize it until I did last month's challenge.

With any luck I can have my drawing to share with you later!

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