New work

I have been spending a lot of time exploring digital art. I've wandered into the area before but this time have settled in, made myself comfortable and may be here for quite awhile.

I love doing this because it can be done anytime of the day, only requires a computer, a scanner, for adding your own photos, papers etc, a camera is also nice to take photos to use, and a photo editing program or two.

No mess, no fuss, not a lot of money needed and I can sit in the living room with the family working on art while they watch tv, play their own games on their tablets, or Nintendo Ds's or even read, either a real book or, which is more likely, on their Kindles.

The work can be saved, without worrying about where to put it so it will be safe from cats. There are no paint fumes or other chemicals to worry about. Best of all, if you don't like something you can just delete it and start over!

Anyhow, I have been pretty much doing a piece every day lately, so thought I would share the last two.


"Nature Walk"

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